Jefferson Township Historical Society

Executive Board
President - Christine Williams,
First Vice President - Carol Keppel,
Second Vice President - Kathy Damerel,
Secretary - Mary Parr,
Treasurer - Robin Trevor,
Greg Brown, John Scheri,
Roberta Shaw, Pearlann McManus, and Cliff Williams

Appointed Positions:
Museum Director - Carol Keppel,
     Assistant to the Museum Director - Annie Wilton
Curator - Lynda MacDonald,
     Assistant to the Curator - Dianna Filan
Archivist - Paul Havemann,
Membership - Kathy Damerel,
Publicist - Pearlann McManus,
Shoppe Manager - Kathy Damerel,
Website - Bob Keppel,

Administrative Committees:
Building& Grounds - Cliff Williams
Education - Carol Keppel, Lynda MacDonald, Mary Parr, Marilyn Rietzel, Donna West

Museum Garden Club of Jefferson
Gardener 1 - Roberta Shaw,


*The Treasurer is an ex-officio member of the finance committee.
  The President is an ex-officio member of all committees.