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Halloween 2015

Once again several otherwise mild-mannered members of the Jefferson Township Historical Society stepped through a magical portal and emerged as boo-tiful witches ready to welcome the ghosts and goblins of Halloween.  Known as "The Sisters of the Wind", they rode in on their broomsticks to cast out candy potions to all the little monsters that visited the Coven.




Appreciation presentation for our President, Christine Williams,
held at the annual Jefferson Township Historical Society Picnic

Getting Ready for the
Jefferson Day Parade 2012


Photos by Di  McNulty     


Halloween 2009

"Once again the witches of Jefferson appear!  For the second year, the witches of Jefferson (really members of the historical society) haunted the museum and handed out candy in connection with the halloween party at Fire House Co #1.  As the children paraded back past the museum, the witches handed out their treats - no tricks this year."

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