A Student's Project
"A Study of the Underground Railroad in New Jersey"

My name is Kate Stoppiello and I am currently a student at Jefferson Township High School. I recently conducted an independent study project on the Underground Railroad. My project required me to do research on the Underground Railroad and then create a final piece of work representing what I found. For my project, I decided to make this interactive map visualizing where each stop of the Underground Railroad existed in New Jersey. My map contains all of the information that I have found regarding the Underground Railroad in New Jersey. Each individual landmark on the map has materials accompanying it, displaying everything I discovered for that stop on the Underground Railroad including pictures as well as background information. The red markers on the map represent locations that have been documented in some form and have proof of being stops on the Underground Railroad. The yellow markers show any locations that are known to be affiliated with the Underground Railroad due to local oral tradition and not have specifically been documented. I hope you find my map interesting and it serves as useful to your research.

Kate Stoppiello

Click on the map below to go to the interactive map on the ZeeMaps website